Ferrari 488 Spyder Blue




The design of Blustreet’s Ferrari 488 Spider for rent is engineered to masterfully meet the usual demands of driving a hypercar. Its dynamic behavior makes it effortless to cruise it around town even on the most challenging routes, accentuating the sense of ease in driving. Overall response times are 9% quicker than its predecessor — the 458 Spider, and that too without making any compromises on comfort!

Equipped with an innovatively aerodynamic underbody, the strong air flows knocking against the front of the 488 Spider are distributed along the longitudinal and transverse planes equally, which makes this drop-top phenomenon propel rapidly, accomplishing 62 mph in three seconds even from standing still start!

Further thanks to the aerodynamics, the 488 Spider makes it possible to both maximize downforce and minimize drag at the same time. The front of the exterior design also uses Aero Pillar — which not only adds to the classiness and charm of this Ferrari but also ensures that no amount of resistance from the wind would not impede its momentum. On top of that, the well-planned framework of the Ferrari 488 Spider for rent together with the rear diffuser makes for a superb drive experience.

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